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Skin spots or blemishes can be improved or eliminated through dermatological surgery procedures.
? Loss of Hair is often corrected with the help of transplantation of strips and grafts bearing hair from the sides or back of the scalp to the balding regions on the frontage or the top. Dermatologists make use of a special kind of scalpel to remove the skin that bears the hair.You can get additional information at dermatologist west des moines ia.

After that, the follicles of hair are individually inserted into the open areas of the bald scalp. Between the transplants, 3 to 6 weeks are required for fresh growth to occur. 6 months later, fresh hair can grow in the transplant. The scalp reduction treatment removes large stretches of the bald scalp for eliminating the size of the receding area. Hair transplants, tropical therapies and oral medication help generate a fuller look.

? Freckles, Liver or Age Spots grow on the areas exposed to the sun, and can be treated with sun screens, cryosurgery, chemical peels or lasers and medicines.

? Wrinkles can be treated with laser surgery, dermabrasion, IPL or intense pulse light, PDT or photo dynamic therapy, radio frequency, dermal fillers, collagen injections, chemical peelings, toxin injections of botulinum. They can also be used on discolored skin for giving you a youthful look. Creams are also used for improving wrinkles.

? Scars are resulted from accidents, acne, and chicken pox and are treated with the help of dermabrasion, fillers of soft tissues like collagen enhancers, collagen, hyaluronic acid or fat that is injected into the skin for filling depressions. Other methods used are entire excision revision, punch excision, laser surgery etc. Elevated scars are also leveled or flattened through surgical procedures with cortico steroid injections.

? Broken Blood Vessels and Capillaries can be removed with IPL or intense pulse light, lasers, electro surgery and injections.

? Unnecessary deposits of fat are eliminated with the help of dermatology tumescent liposuction. Dermatologists have come up with fresh new methods for removing fat with local anesthesia that can avoid being hospitalized. Areas of the body like arms, neck, knees, buttocks, saddle bags and the abdomen can be treated with liposuction in an economic as well as safe manner. The sweat glands under the arms can also be treated with liposuction for controlling hyper hydrosis.